Biography Chandra Mohan

Shree Chander Mohan Ji Maharaj

YogYogeshewar Sri Chandra Mohan Ji Maharaj

Great Yogis have been coming to this Earth and their divine grace has been flowing like the holy river Ganges. If this does not happen then ‘Dharma’ will not exist and without that even the world will also cease to exist. Even today there are many ‘Siddha Yogis’ or great realized souls that exist in forests, mountains etc. away from the general public and do good to the mankind with their divine and pure thoughts, through means of yoga, through their disciples, through the different religions and sects, directly or indirectly, through body forms (‘Kaya Nirmana’) or bodiless form which is beyond the comprehension of any common man. Such great soul may seem like taking human form and leaving human forms like mortal beings but they are immortal beings. They take body forms to do their work and then disappear after completing it. Their writings, quotes and directions make people’s lives and infuse new life and bliss.

Such great Yogis always hide themselves from others and never come in the limelight. They are never after money, publicity or luxuries. Only few deserving ones get to meet them and experience their divine grace. Our Gurudev YogYogeshwar Anant Vibhushit Sri Chandra Mohan Ji Maharaj is from that highest order.


He was born in Alupur village in Haryana, India on 16 October 1907. His father’s name was Pundit Deviram ji Sharma and mother’s name was Srimati Charati Devi. At the age of three he used to see Lord Sri Krishna as a child and used to play with him. He used to ask his mother about this strange kid and ask her to put the same kind of cap/crown that Lord Krishna was wearing. His mother could not understand what he was saying. Gurudev as a child sometimes used to see radiating light and used to follow it to the forest nearby and sit by the pond there and meditate. In his dreams he used to see himself flying in the air indicating his ‘akashgaman siddhi’ of his previous birth. His primary education was at his home under the discipline of his father. His parents used to tell him stories from Mythology and ‘Upanishads’ and make him chant ‘mantras’. After his thread ceremony and ‘Gayatri Sadhna’ he had pretty good ‘sanskars’ and was well on his way to do more intense sadhnas. He used to stay away from all entertainment and people and spend more time in solitude. At the age of 10 his mother expired. His mother had a strong desire that while dying she should have her head on her child’s lap. He was later admitted to Dayananda Brahma Vidyalaya for education. His higher education was under a renowned Sanskrit scholar Acharya Vishwabandhu in Lahore (now in Pakistan).


At a very young age gurudev used to have experiences in meditation. He used to see his Gurudev Mahaprabhu Ramlal ji in meditations but had to wait for few years before he could see Prabhuji in body form. Gurudev did extreme penance in a Shiva temple at a place called ‘Guru ke Daniyala’ near Amritsar, Punjab. Later he met Swami Mulakhraj ji Maharaj another great yogi disciple of Prabhuji and was told about Prabhuji’s whereabouts by him. Gurudev first met Prabhuji in Rishikesh and after initiation was ordered to go to Vrindavan. During initiation prabhuji told him that he had been waiting for him and asked him to give himself as ‘gurudakshina’ (offering to the guru). Prabhuji had then asked gurudev what he wants in life, to which gurudev replied that he wants to do the yoga that can get him Lord Krishna.

In Vrindavan he had many spiritual experiences and stayed with Yogi Aghaddutta and Brahmachari Gopalananda ji (the writer and composer of the famous bhajan- Govinda jai jai Gopal jai jai Radha raman Hari gopal jai jai. Gopalanda ji was also a disciple of Prabhuji and was told by him that the whole world will sing these lines in future but nobody will remember you.) Gurudev did many anushthans, yagnas, yoga- sadhanas, swadhyaya and tapas. It was in Vrindavan that he had a realization of the four mahavakyas of Vedas.

After Vrindavan Gurudev moved to Haridwar and stayed on a hill named Chandi. He was not scared of any wild animals. Snakes and scorpions used to crawl over him but he used to be unperturbed in his meditation. Gurudev used to mention about some yogis during that era who used to roam in those mountains at that time and their age was 400-500 years.


Gurudev can be described as with whitish complexion, healthy, 6 ft. tall, radiating pleasant face, eyes that could awaken inner light, and a posture that was always looking beyond. His looks were a source of love. On hearing someone’s problems he used to clear them as if it was a child’s play for him. There was a charismatic attraction in his voice. When he used to pat on the back, something inside used to happen to devotees that filled them with divine bliss and kundalini shakti used to rise upwards. His raised hand for blessing used to shower shaktipat to hundreds of people in that gathering. He used to quote from Vedas, Gita, Ramayana, ‘Upanishads’ etc. fluently. He could talk shastras indicating his command over Ritambhara Pragya. He let his disciples experience heights of yoga practically that are rare to achieve in modern times and for which people leave the world , go to forests and do penance for years and many lives. Such rare experiences were given to people very easily without having to leave the material world. HathaYoga, Raja Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jyana Yoga, Kriya Yoga etc. were all mastered and were taught to deserving disciples depending on their karmas and interests