Who We Are

The principal teacher at Raja Yoga Sadhana Ashram is John Featherstone who began his practice in 1983 with Dr. V,.S. Rao and continued that relationship until 2007 when Dr Rao took Mahasamadhi.
In the spring of 1983 a number of us had the good fortune of meeting Dr V.S. Rao, a Yoga teacher recently having moved to Massachusetts and learned he was planning on establishing a Yoga class in September in the Carriage House at Chelmsford Library where he would be teaching Raja Yoga.Some of the group had been studying Yoga for up to 13 years at this point and were ready to learn more about the spiritual aspects of Yoga.Dr Rao provided us with the opportunity to delve more deeply into the spiritual; aspects of uur selves through the Raja Yoga practices.